1. More new stuff in Beddit!

    Beddit evolves further: respiration rate and Smart Alarm are coming up!

    The respiration rate is included in Android version 1.2.0 which is now in Beta. Similarly, an iOS update will be in App Store soon.

    The Smart Alarm is coming up next, in a couple of weeks. 

    Respiration and stress

    Beddit has always measured respiration. Previously respiration has been utilized in sleep stage recognition but now we are bringing it more to the front by showing the respiration rate from the night.

    Like resting heart rate respiration rate too is an important indicator of stress and recovery. Basically, the lower the rate is the more relaxed and the fitter you are. For example, in sports, it is useful to track the long-term respiration rate and follow signs of overtraining.

    Smart Alarm

    Based on the feedback, this is something many of you have been eagerly waiting for - the Smart Alarm! You’ll wake up refreshed and well rested as the Beddit Smart Alarm wakes you up at the lightest cycle of sleep. Mornings become less fuzzy if you are not constantly getting up from the bed in the deep sleep stage.

    Set the time you latest need to get up to your alarm time. Beddit wakes you up earliest 30 minutes before the time set based on the sleep cycle. 

    Feedback on the new features is, of course, very welcome. The in-app feedback link is still the best channel for reporting false results. Beddit Support at support@beddit.com will answer all your questions.

    A glimpse of the Beddit Cloud

    According to the earlier roadmap, Beddit Cloud should have already been launched. As it turned out new features to the app were the most valuable and the most urgent, the Cloud development was moved ahead.

    Now there is a glimpse of the Beddit Cloud in sight! It is the next thing on the roadmap, right after the respiration rate and the Smart Alarm. 

    Happy sleeping and enjoy the new features!

    - Ida / Beddit


  2. Beddit auf der Deutsche Users!

    Hallo alles!

    Beddit app is now available in German as well. (Luckily I’m not the one translating it..) The translation is included in iOS version 1.1.1. You can now download the update at Appstore. Next, the translation will be live on Android as well. 

    You can access the German version automatically by turning your phone setting in German.  And of course, feedback is - once again - very welcome. 

    Schöne Grüße,



  3. Beddit is live on Android!

    Very good news: Beddit is finally live on Android! Download yours at Google PlayStore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.beddit.beddit

    A humble thanks for giving feedback!

    Thank you to all our supporters for being active in giving feedback: your help at the G+ Community has been priceless. Thanks to you we finished the device testing and finalized the app. We are really grateful for having such an active community working with us. 

    So now; no restrictions for using Beddit! Buy yours at shop-us.beddit.com, download the app and learn more about your sleep!

    Happy sleeping!


    Ida and the whole Beddit Team


  4. Beddit iOS update is now available!

    We are finally publishing the eagerly-waited update to Beddit iOS app! The biggest thing is the Sleep Cycles feature, which will be visible for all the measurements done after upgrading this release. 

    What’s new in 1.1.0?

    • Sleep cycles
    • Snoring detection accuracy improvements
    • Small fixes and stability improvements

    The update (version 1.1.0) is now available at AppStore. Go and download yours!

    What sleep cycles actually are?

    We’ve had numerous inquiries about sleep cycles. Now, as the moment of glory is finally here, we thought a brief info package about sleep stages and sleep cycles could be in place. 

    Sleep is not the same throughout the night. Instead, sleep consists of different sleep stages which follow each other in cycles. Each cycle, including sleep in different stages, lasts approximately 90 minutes. Sleep depth varies from light sleep to deeper periods of sleep.

    Basically, sleep can be divided into two main classes; the NREM (non-rapid eye movement) and REM (rapid eye-movement) sleep. The NREM sleep can further be classified into sub-categories based on the sleep depth. As many of you already know, the REM sleep is the stage when people dream. Typically REM stages of sleep occur early in the morning when sleep naturally becomes lighter and more active. Similarly, the deepest sleep typically takes place after an hour or so from falling asleep.

    Scientifically, sleep stages can be measured from the EEG signal. 

    How can Beddit measure sleep stages and cycles?

    Beddit sensor measures your heart rate, respiratory and movements. When you slide from light sleep to deep sleep your heart rate and breathing become slow and your body lies still. Beddit algorithms understand these moments as deep sleep. Beddit can therefore analyze the depth of your sleep, its variations and the sleep cycles. 

    Naturally, as Beddit doesn’t include any sensors attached to your head measuring EEG, the analysis isn’t always perfectly accurate, but very reliable for everyday sleep tracking.

    We’d love to hear your feelings after using the updated app. Please keep sending us feedback through the in-app feedback link. 

    Happy sleeping and good health!




  5. Beddit development update

    Snoring updates

    Some of our users have noticed that the snoring detection does not always work. We have gone through all your feedback about this and greatly improved the accuracy of snoring detection. Under the hood, the app uses both Beddit sensor and noise information for detecting snoring. That way, we can get better accuracy than just by noise measurement. In the case of two sleepers, it is also possible to distinguish who is snoring! The snoring improvements will be submitted to app stores during this week.

    Sleep cycles

    Algorithms for measuring sleep cycles and sleep depth are in practice ready, there is only some minor tweaking left. Currently we are working on the user interface part. Hopefully we can get both iOS and Android versions ready during this and next week.

    Cloud backup and API

    Beddit will provide backup and synchronisation of your sleep data across your devices. We are already working on the server side implementation, but it will still take more time to get it implemented in the apps. This is the next bigger thing that we will work on after sleep cycles.

    The server will also provide a web API for developers. Using the API, it will be possible to retrieve all sleep data and use it in third party apps. I will write more about the API later, and will also provide updates on our developer email list once we are progressing with it.