Beddit development update

Snoring updates

Some of our users have noticed that the snoring detection does not always work. We have gone through all your feedback about this and greatly improved the accuracy of snoring detection. Under the hood, the app uses both Beddit sensor and noise information for detecting snoring. That way, we can get better accuracy than just by noise measurement. In the case of two sleepers, it is also possible to distinguish who is snoring! The snoring improvements will be submitted to app stores during this week.

Sleep cycles

Algorithms for measuring sleep cycles and sleep depth are in practice ready, there is only some minor tweaking left. Currently we are working on the user interface part. Hopefully we can get both iOS and Android versions ready during this and next week.

Cloud backup and API

Beddit will provide backup and synchronisation of your sleep data across your devices. We are already working on the server side implementation, but it will still take more time to get it implemented in the apps. This is the next bigger thing that we will work on after sleep cycles.

The server will also provide a web API for developers. Using the API, it will be possible to retrieve all sleep data and use it in third party apps. I will write more about the API later, and will also provide updates on our developer email list once we are progressing with it.